Driving Lessons

How to Prepare for Your First Driving Lessons?

Have you enrolled in a driving school? Well, it’s time to pull up your socks and get going with the lessons. But in most cases, the first-timers would feel butterflies in their stomach before their first lessons. That is why our instructors at Learning Path Driving School would suggest a few tips so that you can keep that scepticism and nervousness at bay.

Your preparation should begin at home

Yes! Your preparation should start from home. People say charity begins at home. Likewise, your preparation for driving lessons should begin at home as well. You need to have good sleep, and abstain from consuming liquor the night before. Have a modest breakfast on the day of the lesson. This will help you be at peace of mind, for when your digestive system is at a top-notch condition, it will help you concentrate.

What should you bring for your driving lesson?

When it comes to dressing up for your driving lessons in Glen Waverley, you need to put one whatever is comfortable for you. Be in comfortable, non-slip footwear and do not forget to get your glasses, even if you think you can do without them. Do not forget the cash if you have not paid upfront. And do not forget your provisional license.

Ensure everything is right in order

Ensure you are ready, and you are faffing at the eleventh hour. Do not be late as it will be you, who will be at the receiving end. It will be your money and time that will be lost.

What is all about cockpit drill?

When you have arrived at a road with low traffic, your instructor will hand the wheel over to you. To start with the driving lessons, your instructor will explain the cockpit drill along with the checks that you need to perform every time you tend to drive, Hence, you need to pay attention to your instructor. That’s the preamble to the advanced driving lessons in Melbourne that the instructor will be giving you. You need to check the following parameters…

  • Are the doors securely closed?
  • Is the seat in a comfortable position?
  • Has the steering position been established?
  • Are the seat belts on?
  • Are all the mirrors rightly adjusted?

Once all these parameters have been checked, you need to get to the next stage, which is all about taking over the controls.

At this stage, you need to run through the clutch, the brake and the accelerator. You need to know the use of the indicators and the hand brake, and the tactics to change gear.

Well, the instructor will not expect you to be a master in changing gears (if you have chosen manual transmission) straight away. Thus, do not be impatient. Thus, take your time to get used to the gear and the other aspects of the control panel. Ensure that you have a fair bit of idea of the controls. This is one of the things that you need to do before you get on with the driving lessons.

So you see, as and when you opt for your driving lessons at your driving school in Heatherton or elsewhere, these are the first steps that you need to take. For further details, call us at 0438 416 286.