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Questions to Ask the Instructor before Enrolling in a Driving School

After choosing a driving school, you will need to ask the instructor in the school a few questions that will help you to understand whether the school can indeed meet your needs and if the teaching quality is good. So, if you are in Bentleigh East and have already chosen a driving school, take a look at these questions to help you get started.

  • What Lessons Will Be Taught in the Course?

You will need to learn about the course contents of the professional driving lessons in Bentleigh East. This will give you an idea of the things that will be taught to you by the instructors. Also, you should ask how the instructors will be teaching you each lesson and if you need to appear for tests to proceed to the next lesson. This way, you can mentally prepare yourself before each lesson.

  • What Is the Type of Car in Which You Will Be Taught?

There are two types of cars, the automatic and the manual. Though the procedure of driving both is the same, some of the things are different such as, in the latter, you will need to change the gears manually.

So, before you register yourself for the course, ask the type of car in which you will be taking the driving lessons.

  • What Is the Duration of the Course?

Different schools offer different learning courses and the duration for each lesson varies accordingly. So, to get an idea of the duration, you should talk to the instructors employed in the driving school in Bentleigh East. Also, you should ask if they are flexible with the timing if you can learn only at a specific time of the day or the week.

  • Is Theory Included in the Driving Lessons?

Most driving schools include theory along with practical lessons because if you are appearing for a driving license test, you will need to answer the theoretical questions also. Nevertheless, this question is worth asking since some schools only provide practical lessons.

  • Are the Instructors Skilled and Certified? 

When it comes to learning how to drive, learning from skilled and certified instructors is highly important since they can teach you the correct ways of driving. Therefore, before enrolling for the course, ask the certifications that the instructors have and their experience of teaching driving in years.

  • Where Will You Be Taught?

If you are concerned about where the instructors will take you to teach driving, ask the driving instructors in Bentleigh East about the location.

Generally, the instructors at driving schools teach driving in an area that is very near the school. So, if you are comfortable with it, it’s fine. Otherwise, if you learn that the driving location is somewhere far from the school, you can start looking for other schools that provide the training in the nearby area.

  • If You Discontinue Driving, Will They Give You a Refund?

During an emergency, you might have to discontinue taking the driving lessons. So, ask if you can apply for a refund.

Different schools have different refund policies. Some might give you a full or a partial refund and some might not give you any refund at all. But asking this question will help you to choose the school that can meet your needs.

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