Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional instructor. Did one lesson as a preparation for my drive test. Paid $59/hour. Would recommend him.

Muhammadhn Khalid

Professional, knowledgeable instructor. He gave me great tips to achieve the test.

Ozan Sevkin

Great last minute tips to ace the driving test. Was helpful and of great value.

Tanmay Dharankar

I have a wonderful experience with Learning path Driving School. Mr Rahim was my instructor and he is very patient and professional. He clearly explained all the road rules and clear my doubts . He gives you constructive feedback and encourages you so that one should not get anxious while driving I would definitely going to recommend their services.

Taruna Nagpal

I only take 2 lessons with Raheem and I passed my driving test in first attempt.

Afifa Imran

Rahim is very professional and guy with patience. He helped my wife to get her license, gave her confidence, explained all rules in details. Thanks Mr Rahim


His driving lesssons are very amazing and i cleared my drive test so easily and i highly recommended this instructor. Very good and Excellent driving instructions

Kavya Sunil

big thanks to my instructor Ray. He is very patient, understanding, professional and good motivator. Very friendly and good listener. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver. Highly recommended.

Ravinder Saini

My son had one lesson with Ray and told me that Ray’s approach to teaching really helped his confidence and identify the areas he had to focus on. On the day of the test, the pre test drive really took the edge off my sons nerves and he passed the test. Thankyou Ray!!

Craig Gye

I wasn’t sure about clearing my driving test. But my instructor Mohamed showed trust on me and made the test so easy by teaching me important points to be remembered and made me practice the turns and rounds many time where he felt I was going wrong. That one hour practice with him helped me to get my license.
Thank you Mohamed ?

Preeti ?

Preeti Baranwal

Very professional ,postive and skilled instructor ,thank you so much Ray for you hard work and support. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED I passed my driving test in one go.

Melbourne Gardening

Rahim is an absolute legend!
He is calm and patient which I believe are two of the most important skills when teaching nervous drivers.
His ability to modify his teaching techniques to adapt to different learners is absolutely commendable. Unlike some other driving instructors I’ve had, he wouldn’t keep repeating the same thing louder but actually change his instructions to ensure the driver continues to learn.
He has been professional throughout my learning experience and couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor instructor.
Goodluck to learning path driving school! Definitely recommend!

sneha mallya

High quality driving intrustuctor with good communication who can help you pass your driving test at the first chance.
I passed my driving test at VicRoads Mulgrave at first chance. It was great to be part of Learning Path Driving School.

Dilip Karkee

Thank you so much for your help and support in getting my licence. With your guidance and patience you taught me the skills to become a safe diriver.
“ RAHIM’ is the best instructor.

maehtwee maehtwee

Ray, thanks for the valuable lesson which helped me to clear the test.

Sunil K.S

The driving instructor Mohammad is very professional and clam. Helped me a lot to pass my driving test in very first attempt. Highly recommended.

Kaushalya Ranathunga

Great value and the pre-test drive provided by the instructor was essential to my passing the Probationary license drive test.

Really recommended.

Tejaswi Tingi

Very friendly, knowledgeable and professional instructor. Did one lesson as a preparation for my drive test. Paid $59/hour. Would recommend him.

Muhammadh Muhammadhn Khalid

Rahim was very good with the instructions and he made it very easy. His approach was very professional. Definitely recommend.

puneet gulati

I passed my drivers test today thanks to the amazing support from Rahim. The drivers from Learning Path Driving School are both professional and friendly. Rahim was my instructor and he helped refine my skills and eased my nerves before the test. Thanks again


Instructor Ray is very friendly and patient with his clients I got my P today as a result of what he taught me on Vic roads!
I recommend him his the best!?

jane wanjiku

I had a driving lesson with Muhammad just before my drive test and he showed me a few tips and tricks to help me get my license thank you very much

Amy Robinson

My driving instructor has lots of patience in teaching and guiding the learning lessons. I would definitely recommend him to other friends as well. Very professional in his teaching as well and car is very clean always. Cheers


Excellent coaching …
I took a class of an hour with Alec.
Then I went for a test I could do very easily with his experience and instructions.
Highly recommended.

Hari Puri

Excellent coaching,, clear my driving test in very first attempt.
Highly recommend this Driving school and instructor Rahim.
Thank you sir for helping me out to clear my test.

amanpreet mann

Amazing Instructor, learned how to drive with him on my Learners. Taught me almost every single skill and knowledge in the book for my Driving Test.

Highly Recommend!

Farhad Ahmadi

Great Instructor, very patient and understanding
Highly recommended. Thanks again for everything Learning Path!

Direct Delivery

Friendly instructor and amazing services my son took lesson he was quite excited about the lesson he was saying the instructor was very knowledgeable and professional when he was teaching explained me very well ?

Atiq Atifi

I have passed the drive test in one go thanks

jasdeep singh

Excellent coaching…got license at very first attempt…highly recommended

Natasha venba ‘s world!

Professional and dedicated to the customer

Julie Ben Burlat