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A Braking Manual for The Beginners By Expert Driving Instructors

One of the most important lessons in driving is speed control and braking. Today, we will be discussing the latter. This will help you to stop your car at the right place and at the right time safely. So, if you are a beginner in Berwick or Narre Warren planning to start a driving lesson, or already taking lessons, this discussion will help you to improve your braking skills.

  • Planning the Braking

Most of the time, after learning to brake, you will be able to stop your car involuntarily. Nevertheless, you should plan the braking beforehand. That means you will have to determine the location where you want to stop and based on that you should pull the brakes. Furthermore, the instructors at the driving school in Berwick suggest that you should plan when and where to pull the brakes because at certain times you might feel confused as a beginner in driving. Then, a misjudgment can lead to an accident. So, you need to be cautious at all times.

  • Keeping Your Feet Ready 

To bring your car to a stop, you will need to hit the brake pedals. To do that, however, you will need to keep your feet ready to push the pedals whenever needed. But that doesn’t mean that you should place your feet on the brake pedal.

After planning the braking, you will need to safely reach the spot and hit the brakes properly, as shown by your instructor to stop your car.

  • Do Not Hit the Brakes at a Higher Speed

Pulling the brakes of your car when you are driving fast can prove to be dangerous as it might lead to a vehicle rollover or can put your car off the track. So, as a beginner, you should never drive fast. That way, even if anything comes near you, you can quickly control the vehicle and then pull the brakes to avoid an accident.

  • Avoid Sudden Braking

Instructors from the driving school in Narre Warren suggest that you should never pull the brakes of your car suddenly as you might experience a jolt. Furthermore, you should never do it when you are driving at a higher speed as that might lead to accidents. Rather, prepare to brake first, and then when you arrive at the spot, pull them along with the clutch so that you can stop your car smoothly.

  • Keep Your Feet on the Brake Pedal While Driving through a Crowded Area

When you are driving through a crowded area, you should keep your foot on the brake pedal as you can quickly stop your car when required.

In a crowded area, you will have to drive slowly since a lot of pedestrians and other vehicles are always present. So, keeping your foot on the brake pedal is essential.

  • Avoid Hard Braking

Try to avoid hard braking most of the time except emergencies since it affects the tyres. Also, it puts a lot of pressure on the brakes as well.

Thus, by following these steps, you can improve your braking skills quickly.

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