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Driving Lessons That Make Learning to Drive A Manual Transmission Car Much Easier

Cars with manual transmission are always trickier to drive than their automatic counterparts. However, the instructors of reputed driving schools will always come up with certain tips that will make things much easier for the trainees.

In fact, the driving lessons in their curriculum are arranged in such a way that it becomes much easier and quicker for the trainees to have a fair amount of notion about manual transmission in quick time. Here on this page, we shall discuss some top tips that any quality driving school in Heatherton will come up with, to ensure driving cars with manual transmission becomes a cakewalk for the trainees in quick time. This will help them crack the driving test in one go.

Getting into A Habit

It’s obvious that when you drive a car with a manual transmission, you need to grow a certain habit. Yes, the first thing professional driving lessons in Heatherton or anywhere else would teach. Pressing the clutch pedal while changing the gear stick is the basic that you need to learn and make a habit of. Besides, you need to ensure that you never lose your focus on your windshield and what lies beyond, while doing so.

You cannot take your eyes off the windshield while changing the gear stick. The same goes when you start the engine with the gear stick in neutral. While parking the car on a slope, you need to lock the wheel to ensure that the car does not roll down, in case the hand brake malfunctions. Now all these are the basics and you need to make all these a habit and a part of your instinct if you are to master driving a car with manual transmission.

Mastering The Clutch Control

Every vehicle comes with a certain biting or friction point. It is the level at which you need to raise your clutch pedal before the engagement of the gear. Now, every car comes with different biting points. Hence, you need to spend some time to get a feel of that point and master the clutch control. That is why a quality driving school in Burwood East would offer a scope of spending enough time at the wheel to master that technique of clutch control. That’s the greatness of quality and impeccably planned driving lessons.

Mastering the Technique of Gear Control and Change

This is another area that you need to master. In fact, it is one of the subjects, on which every reputed driving school in Glen Waverley will emphasise. Remember, driving for too long or more than the prescribed distance in a lower gear, without shifting to a higher one will result in wastage of fuel, overwork of the engine, resulting in its depreciation.

Apart from all these, it will not carry very far. Thus, you must master the technique of controlling the gear properly and changing it at the right time. This is a very important part of the driving lessons offered in Burwood East by reputed driving schools.

Thus you see when you opt for manual lessons in a reputed driving school, its instructors will put maximum emphasis on these topics to help you master the manual driving skills in no time.

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