Facing Difficulties with Speed Control These Methods will Help 1

Facing Difficulties with Speed Control? These Methods will Help

Most learners face difficulties in controlling the speed of their car. However, with time and practice, they get hold of it. Now, if you are a learner and facing the same, don’t worry because following the methods that we have discussed here will help you to improve your speed control in a short duration.

Now let us delve into the methods.

1) Practising in a Low Traffic Area

Generally, learners find driving more challenging in a heavily trafficked area. So, the instructors in the driving school in Clayton recommend their students to practice driving in an area that has little or no traffic.

This takes away the fear and you can drive more comfortably. Now, driving comfortably does not mean driving fast. It means that you can slow down and then accelerate whenever you want to. This is technically called pace control.

As you go on practising this, you will gain mastery over slowing down and speeding up when required and can hence drive more confidently.

2) Keeping within the Speed Limit

If you are driving an automatic car, you will need to set a speed limit for yourself and you should not exceed that at any cost when practising or when going somewhere.

It is only after gaining mastery in the lower speed you can increase the speed. On the other hand, if you are learning in a manual car where gear shifting is required, you should start with the 1st gear and drive in the 2nd or at max 3rd if the area does not have much traffic.

3) Smooth Braking

Pulling brakes smoothly requires practice. For this reason, the driving instructors from the driving school in Mulgrave recommend that you practice braking in a low traffic area too.

If you are driving a manual car, you will need to press the clutch along with the brake to stop your car without a jolt. However, if you are driving an automatic car, you need to pull the brakes gently. But then again, it needs practice, and you can do it in an isolated area.

4) Checking the Mirrors

Before you can bring your car to a stop, you will need to check if there are cars behind you or at your side. The only way to do so is to check the rearview and side mirrors while you are driving.

You will need to figure out the distance between your car and that of the others so that you can avoid accidents. Also, if you are driving at a slightly higher speed than usual, never push the brakes too hard unless necessary.

If the driver behind you cannot control the speed, he might bump straight into your vehicle.

5) Scanning the Area

You will need to scan the area first before you can stop or accelerate your car. This will help you to confidently do the needful. So, the instructors at the driving school in Oakleigh suggest that as a beginner you always drive slow as it will help you to manoeuvre your car efficiently and with caution.

If you follow these steps and practice, it will not take much time for you to perfect speed control like a pro.

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