avoid hydroplaning during rain

Ways How You Can Reduce or Avoid Hydroplaning During Rain

A waterlogged street during rain or when the road becomes slippery can lead to your car tyres losing traction. In this situation, controlling your vehicle remains the utmost important task. Else, you can face an accident. So, if you are in the suburbs of Melbourne and planning to take driving lessons, you will get to know more about how to control your car better in the rain if you go through the points that we have discussed here.

1) Identify the Factors That Can Lead To Hydroplaning

You need to be careful when driving through the rain and have to determine the factors that can lead to hydroplaning. These include a wet road, waterlogging, or a road on which water is running across. When and if you find any of these, the instructors from the driving schools in Heatherton and other Melbourne suburbs suggest that you slow down and then prepare for the hydroplaning so that you don’t run into extremely complicated situations.

2) Drive Through The Part of the Road that is Dry

If you see that there is waterlogging in a specific part of the road, it’s best to avoid it and drive through the dry area. That way, you can avoid hydroplaning easily. But if the entire road is waterlogged, the only option to keep your car stable is to reduce its speed and drive cautiously.

3) Don’t Put Your Car in Cruise Control Mode

While learning the driving lessons in Heatherton or any other Melbourne suburb you might have learnt about cruise control already. But when the road is slippery or wet, you should not turn it on. This is because you can easily lose traction of your car if it starts to hydroplane while the cruise control is still on.

The wheels will accelerate rather than slowing down and this will drive your car off balance. So, manual driving is what you need to do in these circumstances.

4) Change Your Tyres if They are Worn Out

When and if the tyres of your car are in a bad shape, they will cause more hydroplaning. So, to stay safe during the rains, it is essential that you change your tyre when and if they are old. Also, maintain the inflation of the tyres to keep your vehicle in control when and if the road is slippery.

5) Control Your Speed to Avoid Skidding

If by chance your car loses control and starts skidding, you should not panic as suggested by the instructors in the driving schools in Burwood East and other Melbourne suburbs.

You should hold your steering wheel firmly and reduce your speed to stop the skidding and then accelerate when the car is stable, and continue doing it until and unless you pass the slippery area.

6) Use Dippers if You Are Skidding Badly

When and if you are controlling your car when it’s hydroplaning, try using dippers to alert the drivers coming from the opposite direction. That way, you can avoid direct collisions.

Now that you have gone through the points, you can reduce hydroplaning as well as the associated accidents.

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