Driving in Rain

Some Top Tips by Driving School About Driving in Rain & Wet Roads

As per the statistics, a number of mishaps take place on the road while driving in rain or on wet roads. Thus, driving schools always emphasise mastering the art of driving on wet roads and the precautions to be taken during driving in rain.

Here on this page, let us discuss the tips that our driving instructors would give to our trainees in regards to driving in the rain while imparting driving lessons.

Waiting, If Possible Is the Safest Step

If it is raining too hard and if you do not have an absolute emergency, then it is better to wait till the weather clears or at least the intensity of the rain reduces to some extent. Remember, driving in too intense rain is extremely risky, not just because of the road condition, but because of the fact that visibility reduces dramatically.

Be Extra Cautious While Checking the Equipment of Your Vehicle

Ensure all the critical components and equipment of your vehicle are at the peak of their health and are functioning perfectly. Double-check the brake, the clutch, and the accelerator pedal. Check the gear stick, its manual, and the lights and the wiper. Ensure that the tyres are in great shape. The instructors of our driving school in Glen Waverley would always put emphasis on double-checking these critical components that play an extremely important role while driving in rain and wet conditions.

Slowing Down Is the Key to Safety in Rain

Never speed up while driving in rain or on wet roads. Remember, in rain, the visibility is never at the perfect level. Even if it is just drizzling and there is no issue of visibility, the roads are not perfect for speeding. They are wet, and there is every chance of skidding and brakes failing to hold back your speeding vehicle when you need to.

Turning the Headlights Is Crucial

When driving in rain, in reduced visibility, turning the headlights is a must. This will not only help you look through the rain but will also help the drivers of the vehicles coming from the opposite direction to see you. This is particularly applicable when driving in not so wider roads with separate lanes.

Using the Windscreen Wipers

Never forget to use the windscreen wipers. Well, it may appear to be common sense to use wipers in rain and appear to be not worthy of mentioning, but a number of drivers either forget or do not bother to use wipers in light rains and drizzle. But this is very risky. The reason being, the water droplets on the windscreen will cause the light coming from outside to refract and cause optical dilution. This will not let you properly gauge the distance between your vehicle and the ones ahead of you. Therefore, instructors at our driving school in Noble Park will always put emphasis on using the wipers.

Maintaining a Safe Distance

This is another MUST FOLLOW tip. You must maintain a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you. The reason being, you never know when they will apply brakes, and secondly, in wet conditions, the brake of your vehicle might not hold on properly. So maintaining a safe distance is the best way to avoid a nose and tail collision.

Avoid Hard Braking

Do not brake hard. Our mentors imparting driving lessons in Noble Park would suggest avoiding hard braking, as this may lead to braking failure and mishaps. And, do not use the cruise control as it will shift your attention from the brake and the accelerator.

Therefore you see, when you enroll in Learning Path Driving School, you get a number of highly important tips like these. So call us at 0438 416 286 for enrollment and other details.