One Hand Driving

Is One Hand Driving Safe or Risky? Know From the Experts

While travelling in a car, bus, or any motor vehicle you must have seen that some drivers are driving with one hand. Now you must be thinking that it is a great skill. Most people drive with one hand when they are busy holding the phone and talking, having something, adjusting the speaker volume, etc. While there is also another driver who likes to drive with one hand just to show their skills. But the question is whether doing so is a smart thing or not? If you ask the expert instructors who offer great driving lessons in Noble Park, the answer you will get is a big “NO”.

Always driving with one hand is not what the professional instructor advises. It is not safe to drive with one hand whether the road is empty or less traffic because you don’t know what will happen at the very next moment. It has been seen that people do crash their car or meet with an accident while driving with one hand at some stage or the other. The simple reason for this is that they lose control. Yes, that’s right. When the drivers hold the steering with one hand, they don’t get the best grip. Any kind of minor mistake leads to a big issue. They either damage their car or go and hit someone or something. Therefore you must always try to consult with the professional instructors of a renowned driving school in Melbourne.

Problem You Might Face While Driving With One Hand

The problems which you might face while driving with one hand are mentioned below. You should have a close look to understand the thing in a better way.

  • As said above, driving with one hand is not safe because you won’t have full control of your automobile.
  • While driving with one hand you will not just risk your life but also of the other drivers too.
  • If you won’t have the right-hand position when you are behind the wheels then how can you be sure of driving and reaching your destination safely.
  • You might also have to pay a heavy penalty if the cops find you driving with one hand.

So whether you are a highly experienced driver or a new learner who wants to show your driving skills, you must never make the mistake of driving the vehicle with one hand. You must also take all the safety measures and follow the traffic rules when you are behind the wheels. You have to be attentive and keep your eyes on the road. It is highly important to be safe.

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