All You Need to Know about Three Point Turns

All You Need to Know about Three Point Turns

Driving a car is all about having great skills. As it is one of the toughest jobs, therefore it becomes important for the learners to get the driving lessons from the experts. While some people take the help of their relatives, friends and family members to learn to drive, they decrease the chance of passing the test. If you are also planning to do so then you must not. Since there is a high chance that your close ones might not be up to date with the new driving rules and regulations, therefore they won’t be able to provide you with the best knowledge. Hence it became vital to enrol in the best driving school in Cranbourne to get the best driving lessons and learn about three-point turns.

If you want to learn the driving skills and three-point turn which can help you in passing the driving test, then you must follow the steps which are mentioned below. You need to remember that the examiner will be keeping a close watch on you and how you are handling the vehicle. Therefore you must not make any kind of mistake.

Steps Which You Must Follow for a Successful Three Point Turn

  • The first thing that you need to do is move to a spacious lane. If you are trying to practice it for the first time then you need to have more room so that you can easily sharpen your skills. Don’t make the mistake of practising a three-point turn on a busy street or roadway.
  • Next thing which you have to do is check your rearview mirror before stopping. You have to be alert while taking a three-point turn, especially in heavy traffic.
  • Keeping a close watch on the other drivers is vital. Stopping the car suddenly without checking or giving the signal for turning can cause an accident. Doing so might also obstruct the road and you will have to pay a heavy penalty.
  • Once you are ready you have to pull over to the right side of the road and turn the steering wheel to the left. After this, you have to turn left across the lane and again turn the steering wheel to the right. Then you have to reverse and turn the steering wheel left. Your vehicle is now in the right direction where you want to move.

Turning the steering wheel to the left, approaching the edge of the opposite lane, stopping to ensure no other car or vehicle is coming from any direction, then again turning the steering, shifting into reverse, turning the wheels to the right, etc. is a tough skill to learn. You can only be successful by getting the best driving school in Springvale from a reputed driving school.

If you are planning to learn how to drive a vehicle then you should not take things lightly. It is better to keep your focus and learn the best driving skills so that you can easily pass the test. Remember that making any kind of mistake can lead to being a big problem. You might also fail to qualify for the driving test. Therefore if you are looking for professional instructors of a renowned driving school in Cranbourne & Springvale, then this is the right destination. The team of Learning Path Driving School have been offering a great service for years. You can check our website for better information.