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Ways to Use Your Car Mirrors Properly For Maximum Safety

Checking the mirrors of your car is important while you are on the road to keep track of the cars that are on your back or are moving beside you. However, to get a clear view of the cars you will need to adjust your car’s mirrors and today we will discuss how to do so.

Before we begin, we would like to tell you that the suggestions that we are going to offer in this blog are given by our expert driving instructors in Clayton. So, if you follow these, you can be quite safe on the road.

Taking a Driving Test? Do these

While on the test, the examiner will see if you are checking out the car’s mirrors at all times. However, while checking the mirrors you should never take your eyes off the road and this is what the instructors of our driving school in Clayton teach to their students so that they can be safe at all times.

Before you are making a turn or coming to a stop, you will need to check the rearview and the side mirrors of your car.

Adjusting your Interior Mirrors

The interior mirror or the rearview mirror of your car will need to be adjusted so that you can get the view of the back of your car. To adjust this mirror first you will need to stop your car and park it at a safe spot on the road.

Use both of your hands to adjust the mirrors so that you get a good view of the rear end and after you are done, you can get on the road again.

Adjusting the Side Mirrors

Adjusting the side mirrors properly will give you a good view of the cars that are at your side. However, to adjust them you should not start your car first as trying to adjust it while driving can be dangerous.

Now, take a look at the mirrors to see if you can get a clear view of the side back. If you can, it’s fine. Else, adjust them so that they point outwards to cover a larger area and that’s what instructors from reputed car driving schools near Clarinda teach to their students.

Have Power Mirrors? Set Them Up For Night Time Driving

If you have power mirrors in your car, set them up for night time driving as they will let you take a look at the back of your car clearly by preventing headlights that can be blinding.

Many power mirrors automatically shift to nighttime driving mode while for others you will need to set it up manually.

Inspect all of Your Car’s Mirrors Before Beginning to Drive

Check all the mirrors of your car before starting to drive and this is more of a precautionary measure that our driving instructors in Mulgrave teach their students. The reason behind this is that you get ample time to adjust the mirrors of your car. But if you are on the road, you will need to park your car first which can be problematic.

So, these are the ways how you should use your mirrors to stay safe on the road.

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