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Lessons from Driving School on the Secrets of Super Driving

Eminent driving schools in and around Melbourne like anywhere else in Australia are home to some of the best and the most skilled driving instructors, who would go all the way to train their trainees and transform them to the best and the most dependable blokes at the wheel. However, all said and done, what are the secrets that make them super drivers? Let us see.

Taking a Safety-first Approach:

First of all, they need to avoid any forms of aggressive or inattentive driving tendency to start with. In other words, the blokes at the wheels need to put themselves in the stronger position, while dealing with and negotiating bad and unsafe driving by the drivers of the other vehicles around. It is all about driving at a manageable speed and maintaining a safe enough distance from the nearest vehicles at any given point in time. All the doors should remain locked whether or not the person driving is alone in the car. And, putting on the seatbelt is a MUST.

Paying Attention on the Surroundings – Being Aware:

Smooth and safe driving is strictly speaking, a collective effort. No one drives alone. Thus, every vehicle plying on roads has to be attentive to the surroundings and be aware of what is happening all around at every point in time. The mentors of every quality driving school in Heatherton would suggest keeping a close watch on not just the distance of the vehicles around – running ahead of you, alongside or behind, but their running pattern as well. At the slightest hint that any of them is driving aggressively, it is important to go shift to ultra-defensive driving, or in other words, moving to the safest distance, wherein any chance of driving tussle is nil.

Not Depending Upon Other Drivers:

And when things come down to driving alongside multiple other vehicles is it imperative not to depend upon other drivers and their driving habits. It will be extremely unwise to assume that the other drivers will take any evasive or safety turns to avert any mishap. Mentors offering driving lessons in Heatherton would suggest being prepared for the worst and assuming the other drivers to be aggressive will help. It will make a driver mindful of the fact it is necessary to take a preemptive action to ensure safe driving, rather than waiting for the other drivers to do the same.

Following the 3-to-4 Second Rule:

The most common form of mishap is a frontal collision. Thus, using a 3-to-4 second rule is the best option. This will help in the maintenance of safe following distance, and will provide enough time to apply brake and stop, in the event of any emergency when the vehicle plying ahead suddenly stops. Thus, the driving instructors in Heatherton will always follow the said 3-to-4 rule, thus ensuring a safe drive.

Maintaining an Escape Route and a Modest Speed:

Rushing is a strict NO-NO. The mentors would suggest maintaining a modest speed, even when there is a scope of accelerating further. But that’s not enough. Regardless of the conditions, the best way of driving and to avoid potential threats is to position the vehicle that will give the person at the wheel the best glimpse of the outside world. And at the same time, it should also give the best chance to be seen by the others. This will automatically provide an escape route to avoid any foreseeable danger.

These are what our mentors at Learning Path Driving School would teach making us the best in the industry. Call us today to know more about us and to book a driving lesson of your choice.