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How to Maintain Speed? Know From The Experts!

It is tempting to press the accelerator when you are running late, but you should not. Understand that a driver is not only responsible to make the car go faster but also prevent accidents. Unnecessary speeding can cause the vehicle to overturn, let alone hit someone (or something) on the road. Further, every road has speed limits, and exceeding the same can lead to hefty fines. Let the experts at our Driving School in Clayton offer some useful advice on this matter:

More than one-third of deaths by accidents are caused due to speeding. That should be reason enough to curb the temptation to press the accelerator. But it can be a tad difficult for a young driver to maintain speed while running late. Moreover, people who love driving tend to speed up their vehicles even when there is no urgency.

Here is how to prevent that and maintain moderate speed on the roads:

Keep Checking Your Speedometer

While driving, you should keep an eye out for that needle on your speedometer to stay aware. Sometimes, the speed may creep up silently. You will not even notice small changes in the speed of your vehicle while driving. Hence, it is best to keep checking the speedometer to ensure that you are well below the speed limit.

Check the Speed While Leaving High-speed Roads

Young drivers often tend to forget that they have to lower the speed of their vehicle while leaving a high-speed road. If that is your case, be alert and remember to reduce the speed of your care every time you change the road. However, you need to take some time to slow down, hence, it is best not to go too fast even on high-speed roads.

Curb the Tendency to Speed

The best way to steer clear of accidents is not to drive at a high speed anywhere. Even if the speed limit is high on a particular road, keeping well beyond it saves you from the trouble of slowing down every time you leave the road. Instead, train your driving to stay at a moderate pace at all times. It will be safe and sensible for you and other cars and pedestrians on the road.

Avoid All Kinds of Distractions

Do you want to stop your vehicle from speeding up unknowingly? Avoid distractions while driving and keep your eyes on the speedometer beside the road. Talking for long hours on the phone is one of the major distractions that drivers face. It is best to tend to only urgent calls that too finish those off within a few seconds. If you are alert and focused on driving, the speed of your vehicle will be in check.

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