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How To Change a Flat Tyre in 5 Easy Steps

Getting a flat tyre in the middle of nowhere is every driver’s nightmare. Ironically, you have little to do about it other than putting your driving lessons in Heatherton to the test. But, first things first, stop your car on a level surface immediately, away from the road hazards. Now, it’s time to get your hands dirty. Here are 5 easy steps to change a flat tyre in no time.

Gather Things You Will Need

You need –

  • A jack
  • A lug wrench
  • A fully inflated spare tyre
  • The vehicle owner’s manual

Park your car at a safe roadside location, engage the handbrake and turn ON the hazard lights to indicate other drivers. By following the owner’s manual, carefully put the jack for your car, strong enough to hold it up for a long time. Once the jack is in place, continue to turn the jack handle until the flat tyre is about 5-6 centimetres above the ground.

Loosen the Wheel Nuts

Place the wheel brace on one of the wheel nuts so as not to hurt yourself. Rotate the brace to loosen the nuts. If the nuts are difficult to loosen, attach the wheel brace so that the lever arm is horizontal and apply your body weight. If the wheel is still stuck to the hub, it’s best to seek the assistance of a mobile mechanic.

Remove the Wheel and the Flat Tyre

Hopefully, you will be able to easily loosen and remove the wheel using the brace or use your fingers to remove the nuts. If you find it difficult to remove the wheel, chances are it is facing corrosion – making it stick. Under such circumstances, simply a good kick can help “unload” the wheel. Take out the spare wheel from the boot and move on to step 4 …

Fit the Spare Tyre and Wheel

Hold the wheel and tyre on the ground, line up the bolt holes of the wheel and place the new pair straight on. Tighten all the wheel nuts by hand, then use the lug wrench to further tighten it. Remember, what’s been taught at a driving school in Heatherton? It is safest to tighten the wheel fully later when it’s lowered back onto the ground.

Lower the Jack

Now, turn the handle slowly to lower the jack until the new tyre and wheel take the weight of the car. Then, slide the jack out from beneath the vehicle. Repeat the process mentioned in step 2 – this time to make sure the wheel is not loose! Place the flat tyre & wheel along with the jack back into the boot.

Use a pressure gauge to check the spare tyre is inflated to the maximum. Alternatively, you can also drive to a nearby petrol station to pump up gas to the tyre. That being said, the need to learn the ways of changing a flat, or juicing up the car battery is crucial for every car owner to know. Thus, join a reputed driving school in Heatherton today to get a hold of the basics.

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