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How Speed Control Is Taught by Instructors in the Driving Lessons?

While driving, you will need to control the speed of your car to avoid accidents, and for this reason, instructors teach different ways of controlling the car speed. In several driving schools of Bentleigh East and Chadstone, nowadays driving instructors are setting up weekly tests for their students where they will need to demonstrate their speed control skills. So, as a learner, you will need to maintain the speed limits and follow the speed control techniques that your instructors have taught you.

Today, let us discuss a few ways how instructors teach speed control to their students.

Setting up Speed Specific Targets

In the driving lessons in Bentleigh East, the instructors now set speed specific targets for the learner drivers. For instance, the instructor might ask his student to drive a mile at 40 mph, and the learner will need to follow that. He will need to keep an eye on the speedometer and make sure that he never exceeds the limit.

This is a kind of practice that will help in controlling the vehicle speed effectively. Sometimes, the instructor might ask the student to maintain a certain speed in some areas. However, in the tutorial, the instructors also teach the learners the ways to be careful when there is traffic congestion or if he is driving in a hilly area, or along the curves.

Controlling the Speed in Different Areas

The learners will need to control the speed of the car in various areas. So, the drivers providing the driving lessons in Chadstone will start the speed control lessons in residential areas with little or no congestion since it is easier to drive and control the speed in these areas. Later, when the student gains a bit of experience, the instructors will take them to areas with heavier traffic and then to hilly areas (if possible) where both driving and speed control are relatively difficult.

During the lessons, the instructors will provide the learner useful suggestions so that they can effectively control the car speed and stay safe.

Tips On Increasing Focus

Learners will need to be 100% focused when they are driving. They will need to check the speedometer, mirrors and the areas in front to avert accidents. So, instructors providing the driving lessons provide the students with various tips that help in increasing the focus.

In the starting, achieving the desired focus might be a bit difficult, but with practice, it becomes easier.

When to Speed and When Not to

Learners will need to understand when and why they will need to increase the speed of their car and when to drive slowly. This tutorial is extremely important. So, instructors providing the car driving lessons in Bentleigh East and Chadstone will provide several theoretical as well as practical examples of situations that demand speed control.

For example, in a congested area where there are cars both in front and the back, learners will need to go slow and maintain the pace. Whereas, when the road is clear, he should drive at a faster speed to reach the destination on time and to save fuel. However, the instructors will guide the learners on ways of maintaining the speed limit as crossing it is not only dangerous but can lead to fines.

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