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Car Safety Tips From the Trainers of the Driving School in Clarinda

Only learning to drive is not enough; you will need to drive safely too. So, today we will provide you with a few car safety tips to help you to stay safe when you are behind the wheels. And these tips are provided by some of the best instructors in Clarinda.

And now let’s see what they are.

  • Be an Attentive Driver 

When you are driving, always be attentive. Look for what’s happening around you. For this, you will need to look at the side and rearview mirrors, and most importantly, look for the blind spots to avoid accidents that you have learned in the professional driving lessons in Clarinda.

  • Use the Car Indicators Properly

Most learners forget to use their indicators before turning their car which can straightaway lead to a collision with the other car coming from the back. Therefore, when driving, always use your vehicle’s indicators before turning.

And if you want to stop the car on the road due to some emergencies, turn on your hazard lights.

  • Do Not Use Your Phone While Driving

This can be considered as one of the most important car safety tips because a large part of accidents occur due to distractions while driving. So, whenever you are driving, make sure not to use your mobile phone for texting or other purposes.

  • Wearing Seat Belt is a Must

Seat belts are designed to keep you safe. But beginners often forget to wear seat belts, and if an accident occurs, you might get seriously injured.

So, as a learner, wearing a seat belt is extremely important, and if you do not know how to drive and want to learn driving, you will notice that the instructor in the driving school in Clarinda will always be reminding you of wearing your seat belt.

  • Keep An Eye on the Traffic Signals 

Always keep an eye on the traffic signals as missing a red light can lead to penalties.

For this reason, the instructors in most driving schools always direct their students to slow down when approaching the signals so that they can better control their vehicles.

  • Let the Other Drivers Pass If They Are in a Hurry 

To stay safe on the road, you need to let them pass.

Remember, as a learner, you should never drive at a higher speed and keep within the limit to avoid accidents. And if other drivers are in a hurry or are speeding, you should let them pass because if you cannot control the speed, you might collide with another vehicle. Hence, you have to be very careful when increasing your vehicle speed and when other drivers are trying to overtake you.

  • Drive Slow and Turn the High Beams On During Fog and Heavy Rain 

This is an extra safety tip that will save you from accidents.

Even if it’s daytime or the early morning, you should turn on the high beams if there is excessive fog or when it’s raining.

Learn Safe Driving From the Best Driving Instructors in Clarinda

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