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Get the Best Lessons From Our Driving School Near Clyde North

To learn safe driving, you should join Learning Path Driving School since we are a driving school near Clyde North having experienced driving instructors to teach you the ways how you can avoid dangers while driving and maintain traffic rules. As experts in driving, we customise the lessons so that new drivers can learn quickly. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the learning methods. On top of that, our instructors always provide the answers to the questions asked by our students so that they understand the driving topics and concepts better.

Tailored Lessons by Driving Instructors in our School near Clyde North

In our North Clyde driving school, we help our students pass the driving licence test without facing difficulties. For that, we teach them everything required to learn to pass the same in one go.In the driving lessons that we provide, you will learn the fundamentals as a beginner. But to enrich your knowledge and help develop skills, our instructors will provide you with helpful tips. In addition, our instructors will teach you driving methods to aid you in driving through various road conditions. Besides, you will never feel nervous since our driving instructors will guide you stepwise and help you overcome your fears and anxiety.

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cheap driving lessons

Features of Our Driving School

Join our driving training centre near North Clyde since

  • Our driving lessons are comprehensive, and we impart them methodically
  • The driving instructors at our school are friendly, attentive and polite
  • Our instructors motivate the learners to drive on their own
  • You will get several driving tips that will help you drive safely
  • We offer reasonable driving packages

So, start taking our driving lessons today to become an efficient driver.


What are the prerequisites of the VicRoads Driving Test?
You need to be at least 18, possess a Victorian learner permit, have at least 120 hours of logbook training, and pass the eyesight test and hazard perception test to appear for the Victorian Driving test.
Yes. Our instructors will solve your queries step by step during the driving session.
Yes, they are. Also, they understand the learning capacity and tailor the lessons likewise.
You don’t need to worry. Our instructors will customise the lessons so that you can learn quickly.
Book a Driving Session Without Delay
Join our driving school now to become a better driver. To book a lesson, you can call us or click the ‘Book a Driving Lesson’ button and fill out the form.